Hail damage repair experts

Dent Master UK are internationally renowned hail repair experts

It doesn’t take long for cars or vehicles of any size to get damaged by a hail storm that quickly hits an area anywhere in the world. We chase hail all over the world, from the USA to Dubai, so if you get hit, call us. We’re there!

We use the technique of Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). This is an art or skill of repair where rather than replace an entire panel, we can manipulate the metal back into its original shape from behind the dent caused by the hail damage.

We chase hail damage across the globe

Paintless Dent Removal has many benefits. It is far more affordable, uses less processes and often gives a much better finish than traditional body shop repairs.

It is also so effective for hail damage that many international insurance companies now use Dent Master Uk’s hail teams that chase hail across the globe. It is this kind of service that our Dent Master UK teams have provided to these companies for the last sixteen years.

Why use Dent Master UK as your hail repair experts?

  • Our Dent Master UK hail teams have an international reputation and are known globally for speed and guaranteed results when contracted for large hail catastrophe work.
  • Results that have to be seen to be believed. Our Dent Master UK hail teams  are known for their ability to repair hail damaged vehicles at a rate rarely seen in the industry whilst defying expectations when subject to quality control checks on each and every one repaired vehicle.
  • Our Dent Master UK hail teams always deliver. Their work ethic coupled with their desire remain the best at the craft they excel in are what set Dent Master UK hail repair teams apart.

After having a number of hail stone damaged vehicles in a storm within our operating area I was introduced to DentMaster UK. DentMaster visited my site within a quick time period and estimated vehicles with a very clear pricing structure also using magnetic coloured ball to visually show effected areas plus severity.

On commencing the work they were efficient and worked with us to get the vehicles through and back to our customers within a small time frame.

The results of the work quality were staggering even after having 30 years in the motor trade I was blown away at the results from before to after.

I would have no hesitation in using DentMaster again or recommending their services to others.

Steve Hoe
AW Repair Centres (Lincs)

Trusted by car dealerships and insurance groups

Get a quick quotation and find an IMI accredited Dent Master UK PDR technician in your area

We have a system which will allocate you a Dent Master technician in your area, this requires a photo of the dent together with your fullname and postcode, our technician will look at your damage and contact you with an estimate for the work together with an estimated time to come and fix the dent.

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